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Chronicle Game – Super Mario Run, salt bill at the plumber

It’s will be getting long wait. Enough to leave believe that Nintendo is disinterested completely mobile game. And finally, thanks to a surprise appearance during the keynote of Apple in September, Super Mario, iconic character in the video game, announced his coming to smartphone and tablet. Three months later, here it is on iPhone and iPad in the meantime to be on Android.

In a small ten days, the most famous moustaches plumbers thrilled the Apple store with the bar of 50 millions of downloads achieved for only Android devices. A start on the hats of wheels for Super Mario, then number one in a hundred countries before slowing down his crazy race. Initially – and – free game, must pay 9.99 euros to get the full version (3 full game modes and 24 playable levels), while refaisable to infinity. As an insured by its designers, we took our smartphone one-handed to run Mario. Here is our verdict after two weeks.And her’s are the trick to get Free Super Mario Run Coins.

What is there under the Red cap?

Super Mario Run is a mobile ‘runner’ type game, that is, the character moving laterally without that you don’t control. You can act on his race by jumps over obstacles or enemies, break bricks to collect coins. SMR contains all the elements of the Mario Bros. franchise: Plains to the underworlds, turtles on which jump to Bowser, the terrible villain who has been trying for decades to remove the Princess Peach. Level atmosphere, fans will find themselves on familiar ground with same most popular gimmicks of the hero in overalls (“Mario Time”, “Here we go”). Novices will discover scenery colorful and varied quite nice visually.

Super Mario offers three game modes:

-Worlds: 24 levels split into six worlds with different environments (clouds, Plains, Castle, boat, Mansion, cave…). You must especially to retrieve five pieces coloured by level to obtain tickets, new characters or options for the construction. There are three categories of parts (pink, purple, black) that you unlock successively as soon as you have completed the previous range in the same game, which extended a bit (short) life of the game. For the rest, SMR is very simple to play, with a grip (s) simple (you press to jump, a long Press offers a leap above).


you play against players from around the world on a random level. You have to collect the Toads supporters by your prowess and your figures of speech. They swell the population of your Kingdom and you unlock opportunities.


create your own Kingdom with the pieces you’ve accumulated and populate it with the Toads recovered during the challenge. A “sandbox” mode pretty minimalist and is finally without much interest, except for pick up here and there objects and bonus.

Our view:

He must to admit, it is with pleasure that’s found on smartphone the most famous Hero of the video game. To believe that it is made for this support. With its basic functions of playability, Super Mario Bros. perfectly fits a hand game, sandwiched between two highlights of the day to pass the time. And graphically, we plunge with delight into a familiar universe and graphically very successful.

Compared to other runners in its class which rely on known characters (including the minion or Rayman Adventures, heroes of Ubisoft, two free games), Super Mario Run nevertheless suffers from two handicaps: the need for a permanent internet connection (4 G or Wi – Fi) and the amount requested for the full, consistent for a mobile game version. Certainly you will not proposed additional purchases, but it is very simple to play to others without paying a single penny. While Super Mario is a star who has a price and knows to get enough addictive to go back to complete each level to perfection. However, for €10, the content is finally thin enough. The first 24 levels to buckle very easily. Challenge friends or other players to earn a maximum of Toads and fill his village to build a side on which it is not eternal really turns. But as always, Super Mario knows make us addicted and looking back as soon as possible make it run to pass the time.

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