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Clash Royale Card Guide – Spells

Welcome back to the Clash Royale Letters guide . In this case we bring you the type of letters of Spells that will help us among other things to attack, defend or make our troops stronger among many other things.

Clash Royale Card Guide – Spells


The arrows are an indispensable card in almost any deck, since they are able to defend us in seconds of certain troops like enormous Armies of Skeletons, Hordas of Minions or any numerous troops of little life. Without doubt a letter that will save you 1 and 1000 times.

Ball of fire

If the Arrows card can save us from more than one difficulty, the Fireball or better known by Fireball will also allow us to eliminate a group of warriors with more life such as Barbarians, Mage, Musketeer … It can also serve to fight Against constructions like Towers or Huts. Undoubtedly another card for me indispensable and that can fit in any deck.

Goblin Barrel

We now speak of a letter you will hate when you are thrown and you will love when you throw it. The barrel Goblins or Goblins that if not well countered, can take a good piece of life to the towers. The barrel is tremendously offensive and you will rarely see it used in defense. Definitely a letter to keep in mind.

Flash of lightning

The lightning is a powerful air attack where it consists of three rays that will make enough pupa. It serves both to destroy buildings and to eliminate that uncomfortable troop that is giving us the can. Use it with caution since its high cost, six, will make us be an unbalanced elixir.


The rocket or missile, is the most powerful direct air attack of all Clash Royale. Its cost like the Lightning is high, but it is very effective against buildings or to take to the tower a good pinch of life.


Rage is one of my favorite spell cards, as it will increase the speed and attack speed of our troops by 35%, and this will result in destruction of towers in a high percentage of cases. Its low cost makes it an indispensable card at high levels.


The Ray is a versatile low-cost elixir card, only two, which will allow us to eliminate or weaken troops in a quick way. It is little used in low levels, but according to your deck can be quite useful, since it can leave the enemies dead for lack of a touch of the tower. Clash Royale Cheats


Probably one of the most used spells and one of my favorite is Ice, since we will stop the time in an area being able to attack without being attacked. In defense you can use it to temporarily slow down enemies. Beginner’s advice, combine Freezing with a Globe or Montapuercos and you will probably destroy at least one of the towers;


The Mirror or Mirror card is a tremendous card, which will allow us to re-throw the same card we have thrown, that is, if I throw a mountaineer, inside the mirror during that turn I can throw another mountaineer, if on the contrary I throw A Fireball, in the mirror the Fireball will be cloned and the mounts will no longer be. That yes, the cost of the letter of the mirror will not be the same, since we will have to add 1 of elixir to the usual cost of the letter. Well used can be lethal, and sure enough it will give your deck many possibilities.